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Lag battle — The Test!

Hey there people of Fragoria! As announced before we are fighting lags problem and we need your help here.
We will run our first round of tests next week. Wednesday, 11.06 at 19-00 server time.

We will prepare a pack of accounts on out test server, then I’ll give accounts data to GMs. Meanwhile you can post requests test participation on your forums. Please keep in mind that we will really need everyone who has the test account to come at 19-00 on 11.06. Accounts will be loaded with emeralds, badges and so on. Would be great if you take the account and prepare it to fit the class you know. At 19-00 we will start battle at CW, then, probably, some SC and boss-event.

We will reward the active testers of course.

Thank you in advance and see you on tests!