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Achievement bug fix

Hi everyone.

Sometimes we find some minor bugs that can be fixed right away — and we do it. Today one of those came up.
I got a report that some players have strange amount of achievement points — ending with 1, for example 3041. Which is impossible as there are no achievement giving points that can’t be divided by 5. I’ve spent some time investigating it and the reason was found.
In Valetine’s day event there is an achievement to eat 10 different candies. This achievement is made in a specific way — it consists of 10 sub-achievements, one per each candy. And by mistake those achievements were giving points from 0 to 9 (which originally should be numbers for position of that achievements in the list). So if somebody had achievements for candies 9 and 10 — he will have 9 and 8 points which will give 17 in total, causing those strange numbers.
This will get fixed with updated, but that means that all players will be affected and have less points now — as those sub-achievements are not supposed to give any points, obviously.

Have a great day!

Lazarus and Fragoria Dev Team.