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Make your dreams come true

We’ve been always trying to make Fragoria for our players. Sometimes we could do it good, but there is one experiment we always wanted to run, and 2014 seems to be a good time for it.

We want your ideas! And we can promise that your ideas will come to life.

This contest will consist of 2 stages. First of all we need to choose those who can be your representatives. For this we will create special topics on forums where you can propose yourself as a candidate. Then we will put all candidates to an online poll (using google forms). During several days you will be able to vote for those candidates. Top-10 will become your represantetives.

After that each of them will send us 1 (only one) idea that he thinks Fragoria needs the most. We will check it together with the author and help him polish it, so we are sure it’s well described, doesn’t have mistakes and will not take years to develop. And finally we will post all those ideas and again open a poll where you will be able to vote for ideas. The winning idea will go right to the development team! And all of them will be rewarded of course.

If this experiment goes well — we will repeat it.

The future of Fragoria depends on you!