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Holy War is back — full of experience!

Hey everyone
we are starting new round of Holy War event battles

The main difference is that during this battles characters level 70-79 will get experience when killing enemies!

Also we will distribute some regular prizes (gold, resources, purple badges) for winning servers after all battles end. We will have pretty tight schedule so get ready.

GER1    GR    22.01 20-00
POL2    POL5    22.01 21-10
BG    Lt 1    23.01 20-00
RUS    EN    23.01 21-10
ES1    LV    24.01 20-00
Lt 2    POL4    24.01 21-10
POL6    GER2    25.01 18-00
POL1    ES2    25.01 19-10
POL3    GER3    25.01 20-30